Residency Opportunity in Sapporo and Tokachi, Japan (for artists in ASEAN countries)

If you need space and time to work on your creative process. I think you might want to go to Japan and labor on your dream. Check the post below:


S-AIR Frontier Artist-in-Residence Programme Autumn 2014
FRONTIER [Japan – ASEAN countries]

Call for Applications
NPO S-AIR is offering a residency opportunity in Sapporo and Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan, to one artist from ASEAN countries.

S-AIR will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to learn about Japan, communicate with Japanese artists and local community, and to establish networks and dialogues between local and international artists. This is an opportunity for artists who work in visual arts.

The successful candidate will be staying in Sapporo as well as in Tokachi, east Hokkaido, in partnership with T-AIR, and will be expected to produce new works and will be encouraged to experiment in their own field. A collaborative work or project within the community is desirable. The artist is required to give a workshop in Tokachi, and then give a lecture and hold an exhibition in Sapporo as a result of the residency.

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