a man of the month

REAKSMEY Yean Cover Page

WUPP Cover’s

Does being on the cover page make you famous or embarrassed? I don’t know!!!

“I swear I just saw you on the WUPP’s cover” a text message last two weeks from my Couchsurfing friend, Lauren.

Lauren and I never met in person and on the same day we decided to spend the night together at Love Bar. After few drinks, a man shown up and knocked Lauren’s shoulder and yelled: “do you know that this man (me) is very famous?” He is on the cover page. Lauren responded: “Yes, I know!!!”

“Very good meeting you bro!!!” said the same man, who is a professional photographer, Zeeshan Haider.

People keep texting, emailing and faceboking me of seeing me on a cover page and the most common words they use congratulations and you are very famous now my friend. It was quiet in the last few days, but it’s not true, it’s still continuing.

Last night at Meta House, when I talked with Johannes and Nico, a man I used to see before, but we’ve never been introduced came up with the words, “wow you are everywhere, facebook and the cover page. You are the new generation of the Cambodian arts communities.”

I don’t know what to response, but thank you… Ur City Ur Life Ur Magazine!!! that’s the motto of What’s Up Phnom PENH.

What’s up Phnom PENH (WUPP) is originated from the early concept of a double-side-printed leaflet and interactive facebook contents featuring the hottest events, good deals and advices to enjoy the life in the capital city of the Kingdom of Cambodia, culture, society, bars/restaurants, nightlife, music events and awesome People to meet. The idea has been circulated in the city for ages.

Later on in September this year, a new team formed and WUPP developed a new venture of publishing a monthly magazine rather than a double-side-printed leaflet. Check it out: www.wuppmag.com

I was invited to be a star of the month for the cover page of the second issue. Click here or read below the interview of me with WUPP journalist, Pierre:REAKSMEY Yean - Interview

Interview with WUPP

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