White Lotus

“The White Lotus” represents a journey of lives, the circulation and continuation of death and recreation. The White Lotus is found in the countryside, naturally occurring in a series of ponds. It is also a metaphor for an old home for the artist. The beautiful ponds surrounded by bushes and covered by morning spring dew have now disappeared. The ponds and lotuses that used to be the basic and daily needs of the villagers have become flat areas.

“I use to see people in the morning collecting the white lotus. I still smell the fresh air and recall the memories of the past, but everything has floated away from my eyesight. Now only the images stored deep in my heart remain,” says Chhim Sothy.

The artist adds, “The pond is not there anymore. The fury, love and compassion were all there, but people don’t need it and don’t love it anymore. They bury the pond and sell that piece of land to other businesses.”

The changing of each season is an evolution of life. Life will keep moving without limitations. Change is change, you can’t stop it so you must adapt. These narrative series show the lives of people around the white lotus pond in the countryside. Now, it is only a memory.

Please contact REAKSMEY Yean, gallery manager and publicist for more information.
reaksmey@equinox-cambodia.com or +855 (0)979803636


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