designed by Tim Robertson

FILLING THE NEGATIVE SPACE                                                                                              “Mixed Media Reflections on heroism”                                                                                  By Chantha Kong and Tim Robertson.

We are interested in Heroism – both the public perception and the less tangible impact on broader society – to explore this we chose to portray eleven well-known Cambodians who inspire us.

We portrayed them in the empty spaces of everyday scenes – outside their specific field of work and influence because we believe that through their words, actions, lives, these people have not only contributed and inspired within those spheres but have changed the fabric of society and the historical atmosphere in the which we live, while paying homage to them.  We also hope to move the viewer toward considering the questions.

What lasting reverberations can an individual’s passions can have.  What voids or negative spaces do heroes fill in the context of contemporary life. How does this alter the landscape the next generation will inhabit.

Materials – photography, laser jet prints, acrylic color and Charcoal.



  1. Awesome poster and I love how the white space was also filled with great graphics. I wish you much luck with your show.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and opting to follow along. I look forward to getting to know you..
    Ciao for now~ BB

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