Live Concert by NOTOS QUARTTET

NOTOS QUARTTET, photo by james mizerski

As always when I listen to the classical music, it sounds to me as a group of people are fraternizing, conversing or discussing and mostly I feel like their dialog is a special momentum that has been taken place in a fantasy and luxury world.  Classical and Jazz music are my most favorite genres that primarily introduced to me by VOA Special English program in 2005.

Four musicians from the Frankfurt-based German NOTOS QUARTETT have taken part in a live classical concert last Thursday night organized by Meta House and Arts Plus Foundation at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center, Royal University Phnom PENH.

The ensemble, NOTOS QUARTETT, is the personification of Sindri Lederer – Violin, Liisa Randalu – Viola, Florian Streich – Cello and Antonia Köster – Piano, who have gained the international recognition at various stages, competitions and festivals. However, the honorable and highest recognition as young musicians in musical career so far have been winning the 2011 Parkhouse Award in London and first prize 2011 at Charles Hennen Concours, the Netherlands.

To give the group of audience of around 300 people the enjoyable musical experiences, the ensemble played a two-section-performance of one hour thirty minutes encompassing a first part from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791), Joacquin (1882 – 1949) and the second part from Johannes Brahms (1933 – 1897). The gorgeous interplay pieces has been conveying and fascinating the audience with the beauty, melodies, rhythms and inspiration spirit of musical tone and returned with a big applause and admiration afterwards.

I personally was satisfied by the techniques and the talents they put in the show, which made the enjoyment of relaxation in brain and made me feel the musical senses.  I totally love the play!!!

Classical music is originally from Europe and the instruments used in most classical music are largely consisted of the instruments found in an orchestra, together with a few other solo instruments (such as the piano, harpsichord, and organ). The symphony orchestra is the most widely known medium for classical music. The orchestra includes members of the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion families.

For those who are interested to to learn classical music, here are the recommended musical schools in Phnom PENH: Music Arts School and Srornos Music School.


12 thoughts on “Live Concert by NOTOS QUARTTET

    • you’re mostly welcome. I am in Phnom PENH. I think we are not in the summer, but there are some rainings too. Welcome to Cambodia, i’ll be in Northwest of the country by June. let’s me know your trip so that we could meet up for drinks.

  1. I love classical music as well. I grew up with at a very young age and I’m glad I learned to appreciate it! It’s beautiful 🙂

  2. I think it is difficult to come into the middle of someone’s blog and get a feel for the whole blog and person. I guess one has to just pick someplace to start. I like all kinds of music…..but have dislikes within those kinds. Since I am not a music student, I can only listen and let my ears tell me if I enjoy it or not. A good test for me is? Do I want to hear it again and again?

    But that does not keep me from appreciating many kinds of music. Music is so much more than just the sound. It can help us learn a lot about others.

    Good luck with your blog and thanks for following mine.

  3. Thank you for sharing your love of classical music–Awesome!
    May you be abundantly blessed and your blog continue to grow to the place you are taking it.
    Thank yOu! 🙂

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